5 factors that help lenders decide your home loan eligibility

Finding the best home loan deal is not about finding a loan with a low-interest rate deal. However, there are other components which you need to keep in mind such as the documentation process, the processing fee, pre-payment, customer service, loan handling process, foreclosure charges, etc. If you're planning to avail a loan in near... Continue Reading →


How to calculate monthly instalment ease?

Buying a home needs a lot of calculations and preparation of your finances. When you take a home loan, it’s important to know the monthly installments that you would be paying to the lenders every month towards loan repayment. Experts say a wise person should not exceed the EMIs more than 30% of the take-home... Continue Reading →

4 Tips to save money on your housing loan

Buying your dream property is one of the biggest steps in your life. It’s like a sign of financial maturity and offering stability for the near future. Taking a property means chasing the preferred location & its vicinity, budget, builder authorization and finally how to finance it. Well, with private finance companies willing to offer... Continue Reading →

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